From MidPhase to inMotion

I still remember starting out my website adventures over twenty years ago. Started out with a couple of websites for myself and a brand new -outside of the box- website for Wow, what a rush! Really needed a fast and reliable host with 24/7 support. We didn’t have that back here, in the Neherlands, so I had do find my luck elsewhere. MidPhase was one of the top dogs back then so I joined them and was promised an amazing experience for years and years to come.

2020 and while we’re battling a Corona-virus (Covid-19), the whole website scene has changed. Nowadays a website is more like a business card. The real excitement happens at Social Media pages. Some businesses don’t even have a website but do business via Inta, Facebook and Snapchat. So if you do have to host and/or make someone a website, it better be fast and reliable. inMotion is my new MidPhase and I look forward to the next twenty years of helping starting enterpreneurs realise their website dreams (for a friendly amount of cash ;).