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Whoop Whoop!

Yes, I’ve moved 40+ domains to my new host inMotion! Had to do it one by one so I wouldn’t keep any baggage of previous websites. Most migrated websites have been pimped with an SSL Security Certificate so are good to go for centuries to come 😜.

Really loved this migration because it has tought me quite a lot about hosting and servers. I might even go VPN in the future when I’ve learned even more about managing a server.

I’ve also found a new #SuperTool to help me process this migration faster. Instead of down- and uploading the files, I’ve used MultCloud (150GB Data Traffic Plan) to do it for me. The good thing about this way of file transfer is that it saves time and data traffic.

So that’s it for now. All sites are up and running and all mailboxes have been migrated as well.


From MidPhase to inMotion

I still remember starting out my website adventures over twenty years ago. Started out with a couple of websites for myself and a brand new -outside of the box- website for Wow, what a rush! Really needed a fast and reliable host with 24/7 support. We didn’t have that back here, in the Neherlands, so I had do find my luck elsewhere. MidPhase was one of the top dogs back then so I joined them and was promised an amazing experience for years and years to come.

2020 and while we’re battling a Corona-virus (Covid-19), the whole website scene has changed. Nowadays a website is more like a business card. The real excitement happens at Social Media pages. Some businesses don’t even have a website but do business via Inta, Facebook and Snapchat. So if you do have to host and/or make someone a website, it better be fast and reliable. inMotion is my new MidPhase and I look forward to the next twenty years of helping starting enterpreneurs realise their website dreams (for a friendly amount of cash ;).

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